Welcome to Meno Yearbooks - the simple way to create the most amazing yearbook

At Meno, we start every project from scratch, so you can create truly unique yearbooks with your own style. We don't use fixed templates, as we will work with you to create the book you want.

Meno combines a great online creation system with a personal service.

You enter your memories, profiles and photos, online. Our professional design team will then do the design work for you. You can preview and order your book, from a range of styles such as a perfect bound soft back, laminated hardback, or even our deluxe Faux Leather bound yearbooks with embossed cover.

With Meno everyone can be involved. Students can write their own profile, send and receive comments from friends and vote in online polls.

But what makes us truly different is our fabulously designed books

New feature to personalise each yearbook for each student

A quick and easy system

New - Free Nicknames on every hoodies

A great package
for all your leavers need.

The Sample Yearbook shows lots of fabulous designs examples and it will give you many content ideas for your school or college yearbook.

Are you creative? Our flexible service allows you to create your own custom pages and design your own front cover. A yearbook created by you. Register here to get started for free.